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>>Why *should* any of us care less? Questioning motives is an interesting
>>exercise after it's been shown that somebody's arguments are illogical,
>>but it's a poor argumentation tactic.
>>Why not look at the content of one's post, respond to it as though it were sincerely posited
>I did respond directly to his statements and took them on face
>value. I of course assumed he ment what he said. Why wouldn't I?

Sorry! Joel's accused me of going off on tangents on some obscure part
of a post, and here I've gone and done just that. I've been a tad
preoccupied, lately, with a common Internet argumentation tactic that
involves calling somebody a name (be it "bigot" or "sexist" or whatever)
and then declaring that because they're a (bigot/sexist/whatever),
there's no need to consider their thoughts on a given matter.

I'm sorry if I made my point at your expense; that was bad form on my
part. I just quoted Stephen's comment as an opening for my
comment. Sorry, it was careless of me, and I quoted you out of context.
I'll watch that from now on.

>Oh dear! What I said was that his words told me he was
>anti-Native American.

Well, again, I'm sorry for butting in. On the other hand, I've not seen
anything I've interpretted as "anti-Native American" in his posts. I
think I'd remember, because I've a pretty mean knee-jerk reaction to

I'm sure that my query to Eric was also interpretted by some in the same,
rather unflattering light as Stephen's comments were by you. (I asked Eric
whether only those with Euro-typical alleles in North America are
"squatters," or whether his use of the term also applies to Dine
genotypes within traditionally pueblo lands).

I'm sorry that my sloppy method (quoting Stephen as an intro to a point I
was making) unfairly implied that you were saying something other than
what you meant to be saying. I screwed up, and didn't mean to
mis-characterize your position.