Re: Intelligence on the X chromosome

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Mon, 19 Aug 1996 10:41:58 +0800

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> FYI, genes which are only inherited from the mother are those which are
> on the mitochondrion (a cellular element whose purpose is manufacturing
> energy, and which doesn't get sent over to the egg by the sperm during
> fertilization). Anybody know which genes these would be?

Wrong, sorry. The sperm DOES carry mtDNA into the egg, but it's diluted
out 10,000 fold by the maternal contribution. Check out The mtDNA has
about 16K base pairs encoding for a limited subset of the oxidative
phosphorylation pathway proteins. Deletions/mutations account for
maternally inherited mitochondrial diseases.

This is a common error in modern Anthropology text books - seems to have
been started by HG Wells about 50 years ago.