Re: Amerind an offensive term (was: Early Amerind assimilation
19 Aug 1996 01:50:11 GMT

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>That people would think that "Jew" is an offensive term is ludicrous,
>although their reasons for thinking so may be innocent. Certainly
>antisemites have used, and still use, the word Jew in an intentionally
>insulting way. For an ethnic group to sacrifice their actual name,
>which has been used for thousands of years, just because some racists
>use it in a despicable way, would be a tragedy

We agree on this one also. What ever discription is non-
offensive to any group of people is fine by me.

>> >Native Americans have plenty to be angry about, but tolerance and
>> >understanding are virtues for *all* people.
>> No-no-no-no-no. If you are referring to the Native American I don't
>> think you quite get it. They have *tolorated* more than their share
>> for over 500 years. Tolorance is no longer apart of their
>> vocabulary. They are pushing and pushing hard. It is now time for
>> all Americans in general and white Americans in particular to begin
>> to tolorate and stop whining and stomping their feet like a two year
>> old because the Native American took their Amerind away. It's
>> sooooooo, ah, unbecoming. ;-)
>So you don't think that tolerance and understanding are virtues for all
>people? We'll just have to disagree about this one.

Maybe not.

Tolerance and understanding are good virtures for all people,
however, in this case only one of the parties are expected to
demonstrate tolerance spiced with understanding and that is the
Native American. No matter what they or do some white Americans
begin to whine! For example, if they build casino's make money
and reinvest in the reservations or education or outer Mongolia
for goodness sake white America screams foul, if they evict
peddlers of alcohol from the reservations white America screams
foul but white America loves to ridicule and complain about the
ignorance and alcoholism that is running rampant among the
Native American tribes as well as what is or is not an offensive
term to them. The Native American has *tolerated* and
*understood* themselves into ignorance and alcoholism, but this
has changed. They are coming back kicking and screaming and
demanding that white Americans (professionals and laymen alike)
kick in and ante-up their fair share of tolerance and
understanding and that apparently includes cutesy Amerind.
Even Stephen, thats the only way to go. :-)

> Steve Barnard


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