Re: Intelligence on the X chromosome

Bryant (
18 Aug 1996 23:49:06 -0600

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catherine yronwode <> wrote:
>Bryant wrote:
>> I'm not aware of any study which suggests that IQ is bimodally
>> distributed in men.
>Again, my source for that data is the Wall Street Journal article
>previously mentioned, quoting the genetics reserachers. I am simply
>reporting on a report, okay?

No, no. That's fine. It's just that I'm writing up our lab's
study on an aspect of the whole IQ hubbub, and have had to take a crash
course in IQ science at the library. I just wanted to let it be known
that the papers and books I've read assert that IQ is normally
distributed for both sexes.

I'll thread back to your orginal to find the Wall Street Journal article.