Re: Amerind an offensive term (was: Early Amerind assimilation
18 Aug 1996 23:47:15 GMT (Bryant) wrote:
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>>Stephen Barnard <> wrote:
>>>A few people have questioned my motives in starting this thread. Well, tough.
>>Did you take any time at all to wonder WHY people questioned your
>>motives? Judging from your post you could have cared less.
>Why *should* any of us care less? Questioning motives is an interesting
>exercise after it's been shown that somebody's arguments are illogical,
>but it's a poor argumentation tactic.

I understood Steven to say that he made a post to the Indian NG
and got some replies and some of those replies questioned *his*
motives for what ever questions or statements he made. If he ment
that these questions concerning his motives for starting what
ever thread were coming from people in this thread then I
misunderstood him.

Why not look at the content of
>one's post, respond to it as though it were sincerely posited, and go
>from there?

I did respond directly to his statements and took them on face
value. I of course assumed he ment what he said. Why wouldn't I?

>Calling somebody a bigot does not speak to their points. It's a
>chickenshit distraction technique that should be ignored.

Oh dear! What I said was that his words told me he was
anti-Native American. One can be against something or someone
with out being a concience racial bigot, If I ever refer to a
person as a bigot it will be because I know first hand that they
expouse those beliefs. No, I have not referred to anyone as a
bigot, those are *your* words not mine.

As far as the verbal technique of distraction goes personally I
find it rather boaring and shallow. People usually use it when
they can not come up with an intellegent reply. I do not
itentionally follow this school of thought and if I may say so
myself I'm pretty good at distinquishing chicken salad from
chicken s--t.



"Don't worry about the changes in the key
just play within the range of the idea"

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