Re: Intelligence on the X chromosome

catherine yronwode (
Sat, 17 Aug 1996 18:34:02 -0800

Matt Beckwith wrote:

> What is true about X-linked traits, however, is that, if the trait is
> a recessive one, it will show up in all men who have it, and a very
> small minority of women who have it (only those women who have the
> same gene on both of their X-chromosomes). I doubt that intelligence
> genes are recessive genes, but if they are, its presence on the X
> chromosome would explain why men are smarter than women (just kidding,
> just kidding).

Actually, the multiplicity of these genes and the presence of all of
them on the X chromosome was hypothesized by the researchers to account
for the fact that women's intelligences tend to cluster around a
bell-curve average but men have a split-pattern distribution of
intelligence, including more retarded and more genius level minds than

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