Re: The Real Place of Fuzziness in Anthropology

Bryant (
16 Aug 1996 19:59:52 -0600

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Joel and Lynn Gazis-Sax <> wrote:
>Bryant, this is a fine example of what happens when I do try to "calm down".
>I did my best to cool my language. I did my best to stop the name-calling.
>But what do I get in return? "This is like trying to reason with a
>drunk, Joel. Can't be done."

Joel, that calm post followed the fetus-eating remark and included
reference to "my" mafia. It wasn't so calm.

I can handle the snyde remarks and flippancy as long as you don't freak
out when I offer some in return. I think we'd both rather discuss the
more substantive stuff in these threads.