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17 Aug 1996 16:05:43 GMT

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>> Godel's famous Incompleteness Theorem proves that any formal
>> system of sufficient power (at least the power of Peano arithmetic,
>> which isn't that powerful) will be incomplete.

>Acutally, they'd *love* to test their conjectures, but the
>supercollider was murdered by the Texans who stole the money, and
>eventually by Congress who didn't want their pockets picked any more.
>(I always wonder why that wasn't awarded to Stanford, who was going
>to retrofit their collider for a fraction of the money to reach the
>same voltage levels. But who didn't say politics isn't a part of
>the practical side of science?)

As a resident of Texas, I only wonder where all that money went.
I didn't see any of it. I do remember an impressive display of
graphics and intricate models on display at Northpark that must
represent a small fraction of the money spent. Murder? I missed
the shootout at high-noon over who took the grubsteak. It must
have taken place across the highway from Scarborough Fair where
it couldn't be heard above the din of duct-taped slashing swords.

There is a large underground tunnel there I have been suggesting
would make an excellent mushroom farm. Psilocybe cubensis might
afford a cheaper and more effective research parameter than smashing
things together to see what breaks loose. (Reminds me of the
kids tossing toys in the air to find out what they are made of
when they splinter on the sidewalk.)
In a matriarchal situation the Mother would go out and tell those
kids to cultivate the garden with all that energy.

BTW I have been scanning your discussion here with some interest,
and I must commend you for your erudite and comprehensive
treatment of the related subjects. :)

Blessed be,

Brigit's Garden

> - Bill