Re: Gould, Science, Mistakes and Fraud - Mistake by Bryant

Al Padavano (
Fri, 16 Aug 1996 01:53:16 -0400

Stephen Barnard wrote:
> Joel and Lynn Gazis-Sax wrote:
> >
> > As for evidence, while Gould does not do any scientific work himself, there is
> > enough of a documentary basis for embryology to make some of the conclusions
> > he has made above.
> Gould is an expert in snails. I don't he'd like like to hear someone
> say that he doesn't do any scientific work.
> Steve BarnardGould eats worms , he is the reigning co-king with sagan of the so
called scientifically politically correct .the both have their skirts
hiked up over the possibility of life on Mars , the poor darlins. i am
being nice though i know that they have both been ill. i am looking
forward to their recoveries so i can really give it to them . Al