Angeline Kantola (
16 Aug 1996 16:31:29 GMT

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Joel and Lynn Gazis-Sax <> wrote:

Joel writes:

>> >Still eating aborted fetuses, Bryant? Thought so!

and then in response to Bryant's following, flamboyantly rude reply:

>> Alright, sure, Joel, whatever. But I was trying to make a point about
>> the futility of partitioning an individual's genetic and environmental
>> influences. Even if a genotype is poorly canalyzed for a given trait,
>> making its expression seemingly very variable, there's genetic involvement.

makes *these* demands:

>Pardon me, Bryant, but I think it is time for you to come to terms with
>the way you approach people who don't agree with your points. Your
>question /was/ downright hostile. If you don't like my flippancy, how
>about a little humility? I've said I was sorry when I was wrong, but
>never let my mistakes lead you into believing that I am a pushover.
>This conversation can resume when you do a few things like retract a
>few of the comments with which you greeted me. Yes, I admit I can
>make mistakes -- it can happen when you come into the middle of a
>thread. But the way you and your mafia have treated me since my
>return hasn't been nice. I've responded in kind.

Hoo hoo! 'Responded in kind'! This guy is a scream!

Fallin' a little behind on your meds, Joel?

tee hee,