Re: Homophobia-- human universal?

Susan (
15 Aug 1996 18:34:11 GMT (Bryant) wrote:
>A recent study at U. Georgia showed that violently "homophobic" (a tad of
>a misnomer which means 'hates homosexuals') men are sexually aroused by
>homosexual pornography to a significantly greater degree than guys who
>are not particularly 'homophobic.'
>Is there ethnographic data on homophobia in other cultures? I did a
>spot-check on HRAF (Human Resource Area Files) and didn't find anything.

There are a variety of studies of homosexuality in other cultures. Most
of these are focussed on showing how they view it positively, or at least
neutrally, in order to demonstrate that the overall American attitude is
not necessarily universal. But there are some which talk about negative
reactions. Try Serena Nanda's book "Neither Man Nor Woman", about the
ambivalent reaction of Indian society to homosexuality, and also the
review article by Callender and Kochems on the berdache, in Culture and
Human Sexuality edited by David Suggs and Andrew Miracle. These should
also get you a number of other references to pursue. There's a huge
literature on homosexuality, both here and in other cultures, so you're
going to have to chase up references to get anything concrete.




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