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13 Aug 1996 20:40:35 -0600

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Joel and Lynn Gazis-Sax <> wrote:
>Earlier, we saw Bryant give lip service to the accusation that "surity" [sic]
>is something that is only endemic to religion.

No, actually. I said that science doesn't allow one to entertain
notions of absolute Truth, only varying degrees of confidence.

>praises the predictive value of Science, does he just not /see/ that he
>loves his Science for the sense of certainty it gives him about his place
>in the universe?

You read poorly. I said that it better approximates the world than
non-hypothesis testing ways of knowing.

>Also note earlier his use of "power". Power means, among other
>things, control. What is Bryant trying to stay in control of?

Love it! Practicing psychoanalysis with a B.A., Joel? :)
Of course, I was using the first definition of "power" in the phrase
"predictive power": The ability to do. Hence, "the ability to predict."

>> It may be that the profs in my dept. saw to it that texts used for
>> intro biology cover issues of sexism in academia. I dunno. We do, in my
>> opinion, have a better than average department. :)
>Has anyone else seen the University of New Mexico listed among the top
>academic institutions in the country?

Hm.. "better than average" = "top in the nation."

Hm.. "my opinion" = "a list of top academic institutions"

Joel's so logical. :)

I've deleted your reference to the venerated Dr. Gould, since the last
time you tried to borrow his wit to make a point, you flubbed his
argument, having apparently not actually read his prose, but a reference
to it or a book review.