Re: Amerindian resistance mode (was: amerindian an offensive

Matt Silberstein (
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 05:58:23 GMT

Stephen Barnard <> wrote:



>It looks like you are anything but the close-minded bigot I thought you might be. I am
>extremely sorry that I jumped to that conclusion. Please accept my abject apology.

> Steve Barnard

Apology fully accepted.

I would like point out that this reasonable exchange probably could
not have taken place off the net. In person I tend to be a little
short tempered and would have responded much sharper to the
"accusation". The conversation would have deteriorated and we would
never have gotten to common ground. So not all newsgroup discussion
deteriorate. Some are improvements over "normal" discussion.
I would sooner believe a yankee professor would lie
than stones would fall from the heavens.

Thomas Jefferson