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Matt Silberstein wrote:
> Markus Figel <> wrote:
> >Matt Silberstein wrote:
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> >> (Paula Sanch) wrote:
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> >> >The thing that most whites refuse to see is that your ancestors (your
> >> >spiritual ancestors, if your family immigrated more recently, but you
> >> >are a part of the dominant white American culture) have "sown the
> >> >wind," and you (or maybe your descendants, if you're as incredibly
> >> >fortunate as your ancestors) will "reap the whirlwind." Whatever
> >> >worth anyone may assign or deny to the Christian Bible as a religious
> >> >document, it contains tremendous wisdom about sowing and reaping, and
> >> >about how your descendants pay, in due season, for what you do, in the
> >> >event that you do not, personally, "reap what you sow."
> >>
> >> I truely do not understand how my "spiritual ancestors" are the White
> >> Americans Who Destroyed The Indians when not one person in my family
> >> stepped foot on this hemisphere until 1903. And they left the
> >> countries they came from because the people there were killing my
> >> physical ancestors' families. Could you explain why I should take on
> >> that particular burden of guilt?
> >> [snip]
> >When do Americans like you learn to deal with your history? Closing your
> >eyes and not thinking about the American history or thinking about the
> >responsibility your culture (where you are belonging to now , Matt) has
> >for the indian culture. Just saying that none of your ancestors had
> >anything to do with the destruction of the indian culture is no excuse.
> >This destruction is not a thing that only took part more than 100 years
> >ago, it is a process still going on! You are are a member of the american
> >culture now think about it and face the history of your society. I
> >can not believe how ignorant your are.
> But you have no idea what I or my family have done since we came here,
> you have no idea what causes we have supported and worked for. All you
> know is that I have "white" skin and my ancestors come from Europe,
> therefore you know I am guilty. If I am responsible just on the basis
> of my skin color, then every Native American is equally responsible,
> just on the basis that they are born in the U.S.
> >With The German history on my shoulders (beeing a German), it would also
> >be easy for me to say my ancestors were all farmers, none of them was
> >in the army in WWII, none of them in the NSDAP so there is no reason for
> >me to _take on any particular burden of guilt_ (taking your words) in the
> >genozide . This is too easy and inhuman. Your society and culture has a
> >similar responsibilty for the destruction of the indians and their culture
> >as my culture has for the genozide in the 3rd Reich! Therefore you have
> >to take the burden, deal with it and learn of it.
> But I don't think you should take on that burden. There is a new book
> out (I forget the title) showing that the participation and awareness
> of the Holocaust was more wide spread than normally acknowledged. Does
> that make it the responsibility of every German everywhere? NO! It is
> the responsibility of each of the people who did what they did. If you
> participated in the Holocaust, or knowing let it happen, you have a
> responsibility to deal with. If your parents took the property of Jews
> and gave it to you, you have the responsibility to deal with. But if
> they did none of this, or they lived in the U.S. then you do not
> become responsible just on the basis of your cultural heritage.
> >A few years ago I meet an American student, studying american history.
> >She was not able to tell me anything about indian history. I am sure she
> >was able to tell me every American president, the name of every congress
> >man since 200 years and recite several speeches of Lincoln,...
> Sounds like a poor education.
> >I hate such ignorance and bigotry and this misionary thinking you can
> >see in a lot of posts to this subject!
> >
> Are you trying to imply that I have shown these qualities? If so say
> so, and point out examples.
> >I'm sorry for all Americans who try to take their burden, learn from
> >history and work for a better future - you all, forgive my words.
> It seems that you want to apply the blame to everyone, and just get
> forgiven when you are wrong, rather than make the judgement first.
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It looks like you are anything but the close-minded bigot I thought you might be. I am
extremely sorry that I jumped to that conclusion. Please accept my abject apology.

Steve Barnard