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Joel and Lynn Gazis-Sax (
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 18:52:26 -0800

Angeline seems to imply that she doesn't think I am very important, but
the Wonder from Washington continues her ranting thusly:

Angeline Kantola wrote:
> A brief and final comment, without namecalling:
> In article <>,
> Joel and Lynn Gazis-Sax <> wrote:
> >What my point has been all along is that you can take the same building
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >blocks and get some dramatically different results. My primary example
> ^^^^^^
> >was the genotype and the phenotype distinction used in genetics to
> >explain why two individuals can have the same genes and yet turn out
> >quite differently.
> In the above paragraph you've effectively debunked the examples you've
> cited as producing different physical phenotypes from the same genotype.
> Putting genetically identical organisms (rats, humans, whatever) in a
> different environment (with different diet, air quality, bacterial profile
> in the drinking water, whatever) means that there is, in fact, a different
> set of building blocks.
> Cheers,
> AK

Sorry, but if you think you've rebutted me, then you never understood in
the first place what I was getting at. Or else you are too proud to
admit to your misinterpretation of my viewpoints. Nice strawman you
probably thought, but this strawman talks back.

Guys, here's another Firl/Bryant to ignore.


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