Re: Early Amerind assimilation (Was: Re: Romans in the New World?)

Matt Silberstein (
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 21:43:41 GMT

Peter Bromfield <peter> wrote:

>You must understand that the system of classifying people as 'caucasian' or
>'negro' is based on white dominance or superiority. Consider this: People from
>the Caucasious Mountain area are classified as 'caucasians', yet genetically
>they have more in common with 'negros'. The white people of northern
>Scandinavia are farther from being descended from people in the Caucasius
>Mountains than are the Ethiopians and Somailis. Medeterraneans are classified
>as 'white', yet genetically they are closer to the African 'Negros' than the
>people from the far reaches of northern Scandinavia (who are REALLY white).

What is the standard you use? From your posts it seems to me that you
use skin color as the sole determinate. Is that true? If so, how dark
is Black rather than White? Do you have an objective standard or is it
something you know when you see it.

>>What's this got to do with the 'Moors'? Also, maybe we should consider, that
>>there are other ethnic groups than just black and white. If you lineup an
>>European, ad Arab, and an African, you'll clearly find that the Arabs features
>>are closer to the European than the African

>For people far moved away from reality this is true. In Hollywood they make
>white characters play the parts of Arabs they have them wear a stupid-looking
>long noses and die their skin light-brown. If you actually visited Saudi
>Arabia, and other gulf countries you would discover that many of these people
>look like African-Americans. If you watch T.V., they like to feed into white
>supremacy, so ofcourse they make them look white.

So why, if we need to divide people into groups, do we only have Black
and White? Can we have other groups?

>>- despite his skin being bronze,
>>but then again the Greeks are slightly darker than the English too).

>Do you think an Arab or a Greek would be welcome at a Ku Klux Klan meeting? If
>not then why should we call them 'white' or 'caucasian'?

Nor would a Jew or a Cathloc. Would you call them White?

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