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>> wrote:
>>>In which culture(s) does is the male sex most highly valued?
>>>How is this reflected in the roles each gender assumes, the economics
>>>of gender relationships and courtship behaviors?
>>>Thanks for your information
>>>A curious bystander

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>>>Date: Sun Aug 11 19:09:06 1996
>>Robert Snower wrote:
>>The following quote is from the Wall Street Journal.
>>But here in rural India, where about 70% of India's 920 million people
>>still live, people remain, by and large, what their ancestors were -
>>and that usually means fixed in illiteracy and poverty.
>>The lowliest of the low . . . are the bhangis . . . . Ghettoized in
>>slum colonies, India's 700,000 scavengers, earning pennies a day, move
>>the flow of human waste for a country in which 650 million people
>>still lack access to basic sanitation. As with most Indian work, the
>>dirtiest jobs are done by women and young girls, who still clean pit
>>toilets by hand and carry the refuse in buckets on their heads.
>>"You never get used to it," young Nisha says.
>>Best wishes. R. Snower

>A more scholarly reply would have been appreciated. I doubt the
>Wall St. Jrnl. is an authority on cultural anthropology.

>Perhaps some more knowledgable readers would contribute?

You misspelled knowlegeable. Best wishes. RS

>In answer to this rather 'off-the-point' reply, one might offer
>the argument advanced by some scholars of muslim and hindu societies,
>which is that women are often happier in them than in Western cultures.
>Snower's remarks are more indicative of class difference than gender

But the distinction made in the quote's last sentence is unequivocally
gender. RS

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