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William Edward Woody (
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 12:16:52 -0700

ERIC! Hey! (Eric Brunner) wrote:
> : bold new challenge. If Science truly wants to defeat the most worthless
> : and dangerous superstitions, it is going to have to open itself to good
> : criticism. It cannot take as a given its own unbiased nature. It must
> : listen to the questions and work towards providing acceptable answers.
> Personally, I'm waiting on the advocates of High Scientism to explain the
> work of a mathematician... Kurt Godel...
> I can wait, of course, I'm not a strict constructionist (mathematically
> speaking that is).

I thought I saw a comment about Godel go by. Something to the effect
that Godel's results only apply to abstract mathemathematical systems,
as opposed to being a more generalizable result.

But that's okay; I still like the fact that most people explain away
the uncertainty of Quantum Mechanical systems by saying "well, yeah;
God plays dice with the universe. But at least he plays dice

- Bill

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