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12 Aug 1996 16:45:57 -0600

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Stephen Barnard <> wrote:
>There is something very peculiar going on in this newsgroup. In the past
>week I've been misquoted, assigned attributions for things I never
>wrote, and am now accused of something I'm obviously not guilty of (bringing
>up "politically incorrect"). Is this the way that anthropologists normally
> Steve Barnard

Yep. At least the armchair variety that haunt these parts. :)
Actually, though, you've only run into a handful of shrill antagonists,
most recently Joel, who characterizes a person in the blink
of an eye. At times, it has seemed to me that Joel thinks that anybody
critiquing a political liberal (for example) is a raving Buchananite.

Don't confuse him by eschewing political stereotypes, and he won't
attack. Just my 2 cents from past interactions.