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12 Aug 1996 12:25:58 -0600

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Eric Brunner <> wrote:
>Bryant ( wrote:
>: So take it up with the "Haisla," who for whatever obscure reason refer to
>: Europeans as "white."
>I'd be happy to, since for whatever reason, you declined to provide a usage
>form cite. Please provide the name(s) of your informants and where they can
>be reached, or when you were doing field work on-site if your informants are

Oh, brother.
Try Ross Wilson at Haisla Village (Kitamaat), British Columbia.

>If it was via your advisor(s) or a sort of "urban myth" at the UNM
>Anthro Dept., there isn't a lot I can do with those unless you provide a bit
>more detail.

Actually, my class on Pacific NW ethnology suggested that most groups (at
least those using Chinook Jargon) called brits "Hudsons" and U.S. euros
"Bostons." That's not what I found when I was in B.C., however.

None of which, note, is relevant to my question about your apparently
selective and racist application of the term "squatter."

>Eric Brunner