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11 Aug 1996 20:22:33 -0600

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William Edward Woody <> wrote:
>Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have totally failed to read any
>'hostility' in Gale's posts towards science.
> - Bill

You're correct: I apologize. I went back to the passage of Gale's that
I thought would prove you mistaken, but see now that I misread it. I had
said that science can be hard-nosed. I misread his reply...

> I'm not a psychotherapist. What I am is *not the idiot who would embrace
> cold-fussion because it's "science".* I am a skeptic who is challenging
> your world view because it is naive; it is not hard-nosed. It is soft and
> gullible. read ~"Science is naive...soft and gullible." In fact, he was just
calling one scientist naive, soft, and gullible. (On the basis of my
supposed support for the notion of cold fusion, which was a baseless
charge on Gale's part; I've never mentioned the subject.)

>(And no vague statements: selected quotes from his prior posts will do.)

Nothing in my previous posts warrants this insulting postscript, Bill.