Re: Cultures Where Male Reigns

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12 Aug 1996 17:21:47 GMT

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> >In which culture(s) does is the male sex most highly valued?
> >How is this reflected in the roles each gender assumes, the economics
> >of gender relationships and courtship behaviors?
> India:
> The following quote is from the Wall Street Journal.
> As with most Indian work, the
> dirtiest jobs are done by women and young girls, who still clean pit
> toilets by hand and carry the refuse in buckets on their heads.
> "You never get used to it," young Nisha says.
> Best wishes. R. Snower

And who cleans the editors' toilets at the Wall Street Journal?
How many WSJ editors are women? Are women less likely than men to be doing
hard, dirty and thankless jobs for the WSJ's corporate advertisers? Why
don't these examples merit reporting?

The WSJ takes a feminist position when it serves their purposes in
attacking other countries and cultures. Feeling culturally superior by
criticizing other societies as deficient to our own relieves readers from
having to be too critical about their own societies. It is easier to be
morally indignant about graphic sexism in the 'primitive Other' than to
see it in the mirror. The article is another example of thinly veiled
cultural chauvinism using false feminism as its rhetorical weapon.