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12 Aug 1996 18:04:00 GMT

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> (Paul Ciszek) wrote:
>> >4. the identification of medicinal alkaloids in plant tissues
>> Healers have been using them for millenia, but western medicine
>> doesn't want you to know that.
>Which reminds me of one of the more irritating things I have ever
>encountered in the history books with the "great explorers."
>It says in my history books that Columbus discovered the new world.
>Inexcapable fact. It's gotta be true, because every blasted book
>I ever read talks about Columbus's discovery, and how monumental
>that was to the course of civilization today.
>Like my Native American ancestors were just so much chopped liver.
>I mean, there were <<men>> and <<women>> who lived on this continent
>long before Columbus cheated and convinced the Kings and Queens that
>the world was much smaller than it was. There were children playing here
>and entire civilizations rose and fell. Astronomy was invented,
>crops were planted, homes were built, people lived and loved and
>died and debated the great questions of the day.
>But because Europe didn't know about my ancestors, they have been
>And so even though entire civilizations lived on the American
>Continents long before whites ever heard of the place, apparently
>Columbus still discovered the new world.
>Cultural bias?
> - Bill
>Who always boggles at the number of great explorers shown on the
>Discovery Channel who discovered some lost city or civilization
>or somesuch, who'se great discovery was made because he asked some
>local where the place was.
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Great post!

"When after harnessing the winds, the tides, and gravitation;
we shall harness for God the energies of love. And on that day
for the second time in the history of mankind,
we shall have discovered fire."
~Tielhard de Chardin