Re: Amerindian resistance mode (was: amerindian an offensive

Stephen Barnard (
Sun, 11 Aug 1996 21:03:17 -0800

Paula Sanch wrote:
> (Gerold Firl) wrote:
> >In article <4ua7ob$>, (Paula Sanch) writes:
> >|> Most NA tribes/nations want
> >|> most that their lands not be despoiled. I guess it depends on what
> >|> your vision of the Garden of Eden is, whether it is a place where
> >|> nature rules or where cultivated plants parade in orderly rows toward
> >|> the sunset.
> >It'a all a question of population density. If the land is lightly
> >populated, then agriculture isn't necessary. For the foreseeable future
> >we will need those orderly rows of crops, if we want everyone to have
> >enough to eat.
> So you're in favor of a world population at or above 5 billion? Is
> that what you're saying?

Gee, I don't think he said that. I really don't see where he said that
at all.

Steve Barnard