Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Stephen Barnard (
Sat, 10 Aug 1996 03:16:33 -0800

William Edward Woody wrote:
> "Marty G. Price" <mprice@Ra.MsState.Edu> wrote:
> > I do not communicate with those who *deliberately* misrepresent the
> > positions of others in their threads. End of my contribution to this
> > thread. Go talk to yourself, Bryant.
> I've pretty much come to the same conclusion. Except my theory (which
> I don't intend to prove with electrodes and a large baseball bat,
> as tempting as it can be sometimes) is that he is simply not mindful
> of what he is saying.
> *sigh*

Look, Marty G. Price is the one who is "simply not mindful" of what I'm
saying, because I *never* said anything about smallpox. Really. Does
refusing to ignore (or even to submit to an argument derived from) a
misattribution constitute "misrepresenting the positions of others"?

I just can't figure out the logic behind this. Would you and Marty feel
better if I said, "Yup, I guess you got me on that stupid smallpox
statement I made." (No offense intended, Bryant.)

> Probably some frosh with a couple of classes, an e-mail account, and
> too much time on his hands.

Nice deduction. 49 years old. PhD in Computer Science. Using Internet
(or ARPANET) since 1979. Have about a dozen email accounts. Work full

Steve Barnard