Re: Early Amerind assimilation (Was: Re: Romans in the New World?)

Sat, 10 Aug 1996 05:13:39 GMT

Peter Bromfield <> wrote:

>G Sutton wrote:
>> In article <>,
>> Peter Bromfield <> wrote:
>> >I don't think you are going back far enough. In order to gain more
>> >insight into 'race' we need to examine the history of not only the
>> >United States, but also that of Europe. In case you didn't know, The
>> >so-called Moors ruled Portugal and Spain for about 500 years, they were
>> >the ruling class there at that time. There is also reason for me to
>> >believe that these Moors also ruled other parts of Europe as well.
>> What other parts of Europe do you believe they ruled?

>Perhaps parts of Austria, Germany and France for a shorter period of


>> >These Moors WERE BLACK PEOPLE.

>> These Moors were a Muslim army from North Africa, composed of Arabs, Berbers
>> and Syrians, all of which are Caucasoids and not Negroids.


Not to those of us who use our eyes.

>> Of the medieval
>> Caliphate of Cordova, it has been written, "most of the Caliphs were >fairor
>> ginger-haired with blue eyes" (Moorish Spain, p.24).

>This is absolutely absurd, it is common knowledge that the moors were

Common knowledge is wrong then.

>> In fact Arabs have
>> always considered themselves distinct from Negroids and even in >present-day
>> Iraq a citizen can obtain a legal judgment against a person falsely >accusing
>> him of Negro ancestry (Caravan, p.161).

>This is about the most rediculous thing I have ever heard. It sounds
>like something from the slave days in the U.S. If Iraq actually does
>this, then the Iraqi government and law makers are the dumbest people on
>the planet. I thought the U.S. had stupid policies, this takes the cake.
>I'd like to see a black Iraqi come over here and try to convince me that
>he is white, when African-Americans look less 'negroid' than he does. I
>know they put oil in their hair and crap, but they can't fool us.

Why is it important for you that an Iraqi believe s/he is black when
they aren't?

>> >It was an honor for white people to marry Moors at that time. I > >believe some
>> >where near the 11th century, the Moors were conquered by Germanic people from
>> >the East. It stands to reason that ALL OF THE MOORS WERE NOT KILLED OFF, many
>> >converted to Christianity and became allies with the Germanic invaders, some
>> >became Scientists, political leaders, and were accepted into German, British,
>> >Dutch, and Polish noble families. So during a certain time period there WERE

>> Again you have made the mistake of assuming the Moors were Negroids.


No. Sorry. You are wrong. Shouting isn't going to make you right.

Stella Nemeth