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> >I think that indian culture will not
> >die out, though it will get mainstreamed somewhat.
> Unfortunately acceptance is, in the long run, more dangerous to the
> Indigenous Peoples culture than fighting. Acceptance and assimilation
> of Jews and Jewish culture in the U.S. has had a dramatically
> devastating affect.

More Dangerous? To the political leader's power base within any given
tribal resistance movement, perhaps. After all it's harder to rally the
tribe's warriors when those bad guys keep saying "Yeah, Sure, What Next?"
For the knowledge and relationships of the various cultures of North
America, acceptance by their fellows would seem to be a good thing for all
the positive aspects of any culture.

The groups within the Jewish community that complain most loudly of
acceptance and assimilation are the scriptural literalist political
hacks. These speak too often like a Jewish reflection of the Ayatollahs
or the Christian Coalition. Does anyone really want to encourage that
sort of coarseness within the developing revival of the "First Nations",
as they have been called here?


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