Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

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8 Aug 1996 09:57:37 -0600

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William Edward Woody <> wrote:
>[first Bryant response, including his quotes of my article]
>> >> This response seems illogical. I listened to the answer, and disagreed
>> >[...& William complains in response that I offer:]
>> > No suggestion of "it seems to me"
>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> Pay attention, Bill. ;) Bryant
>To suggest that I did not pay attention: that is, to suggest that
>somehow through ESP I was able to read your mind and see that
>the paragraph

Whoa, whoa, whoa. My mistake. Let's nip this one in the bud, eh?

The above mess was the result of my pathetically unsuccessful attempt to
interject some light humor into a thread that I felt was getting a little
heated. I really, honestly did not mean to imply in that instance that
Bill "wasn't paying attention," and apologize for the misunderstanding.


>somehow contained the phrase "This response *seemed* illogical" (emphasis
>mine) suggests powers of telepathy which I haven't been quite able to get
>the knack of.

I don't understand. Could you clarify what you mean by that. *I* meant,
by that statement, something to the tune of "if this is asserting what I
read it to be asserting, it's hitting me as illogical"...

>And I personally do not think it's reasonable to soften your words only
>after I called you on it--it's the sign of someone who is not willing
>to play fair with your arguments. (I'm not saying this is who you
>are or what you're up to; just that the above is one of the warning

I didn't change a word, Bill. That's what I originally posted: "This
response seems illogical"... I'm not playing any games, here. In fact,
I'd much rather deal with the original thread, which had to do with how
social bias does or does not get into the content of scientific theories.

>Ah, I see. First, call me an idiot, by not listening to your quite
>reasonable posts, and then cut me off to the quick by declaring the
>thread dead.

Jeeeessshhhhh. Look: I never called you an idiot. Somebody else in this
thread, Joel I think, called *me* one, and I in turn called him an
"ass." There's been no name calling between us, Bill. Just heavy
sarcasm on both sides. Why don't we carefully review what points we want
to make, make them, and move on?

Perhaps it will save considerable time and energy for me to point out
that smilies :) and ;) are meant to indicate humor, not name calling.