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8 Aug 1996 18:24:56 GMT

Bryant ( wrote:
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: Joel and Lynn Gazis-Sax <> wrote:
: >Bryant wrote:
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: >> In article <4u518a$>,I know Bryant will whine because
: >> once again I come to the defense of Eric

: More likely, I'll complain that you're mis-attributing this post to me.
: I never saw the last line in this quote before now, and so clearly didn't
: include it in a post of mine.

: Further, I never saw you come out the first time "to the defense" of
: Eric. Not sure who Eric is, actually.

Umm, so someone else has been sending me mail from asking
about my signature and a Pacific Coastal Group's location name???

: >God's Gift to Anthropology writes:
: >
: >> My "issue"? I asked a question. Thread back a tad. I asked if only
: >> "squatters" who have white, black, or yellow skin should be kicked off
: >> native lands, or if late-comers like the Athabaskans should be asked to
: >> leave Pueblo lands as well (for example).
: >>
: >> Bryant
: >
: >Now this is so aptly phrased. One is tempted to ask in reply if the
: >poster is still eating aborted fetuses. The point that this so-called
: >anthropologist cannot understand is that the offensiveness of a term
: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
: Who said I'm an anthropologist?! Can you guys perhaps attack the
: content of my posts instead of using all these straw-man characterizations?

Your post had limited content, since you addressed no standing litigation
issues. Sorry I didn't get around to pointing that out to you a few days
ago, my system was being user-unfriendly.

: What was "patently aggressive" about my post? The smilies?

No. The posit that equity of land claims conflicts (US vs Native Nations)
and intra-Native Nation claims, based upon an absence of actual litigation
interests. In short, constructive fraud, or aggressive ignorance. Pick one.

In my absence, feel free to attempt to make your equity (hence vacuity) of
conflicts claims with Mr. Russel. Like myself, he is a member of triballw,
a mailing list, and I'm working on something which will take most of my
attention for some days. I'll be watching, but choosing with greater self
restraint which posters and threads to attempt to correct.

It _is_ correction to point out an absence of factual information, such as
the absence of systematic conflicting claims between Nations characterized
along linguistic lines ("Athabascans" above) and others characterized along
non-linguistic lines, e.g. "Pueblo lands".

: Bryant

Eric Brunner