Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

William Edward Woody (
Thu, 08 Aug 1996 00:07:54 -0700

Did I miss something here? Or are the attribution lines all screwed up?

I'm unwinding the quotes to make this more clear.

> > Stephen Barnard ( wrote:
> > : An "attempt" to discover something doesn't amount to success at
> > : discovering it. Aristotle had an amazing blind spot: He was
> > : either ignorant of or comtemptuous of the experimental method.
> > : His writings are full of howlers that a simple experiment can refute.

Later, in response to something Stuart Yeates wrote,
Stephen Barnard ( wrote:

> Neither you nor I can go back in time and find out how Aristotle felt about
> the experimental method. Actually, I don't care how he felt about it. The
> fact is that he had no use for it.

And then added this jem, in response to Stuart Yeates:

> > Please don't post unqualified, unsupported claims of ignorance or
> > comtempt to alt.pagan (and if you didn't mean to post to alt.pagan,
> > please check the Newsgroups: line).
> >
> Are you like a personal friend of Aristotle's? Are you in some sort of
> communication with him?

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Stephen Barnard say about three
or so posts ago that "Aristotle had an amazing blind spot: He was
either ignorant of or contemptuous of the experimental method," only
to accuse someone else of making that particular unqualified claim?

Either the attribution lines are all screwed up (and my memory isn't
serving my poor aged brain real well), or there's something rotten
going on here.

- Bill

Footnote: As I recall my philosophy courses (which are as old and
out of date as my QM and my VLSI design courses), Aristotle was not
"comtemptuous" of the experimental method. Just that the philosophy
of deducing the universe through experimental observation hadn't
been uncovered yet....

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