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Thu, 08 Aug 1996 05:23:34 GMT (Gerold Firl) wrote:

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>|> On 5 Aug 1996, Gerold Firl wrote:

>|> > What is your longterm vision for the american indians?

>|> Truthfully? I think we ARE going to die out.

>When you say "die out", you must refer to the culture, rather than the
>people, since the indian people will not die out. The culture is more
>questionable, but even there I'm not so sure. Indian culture held out
>pretty well against the open warfare pre-20th century, and against the
>forced-assimilation policies of the early 1900's, and against the
>consumer culture of the late 20th century. Indian culture is very
>fashionable in mainstream american culture. It's certainly possible
>that the indian tribes will go the way of the european tribes; the
>cherusci, the franks, the suebi, the allemands have all melded into
>modern-day europeans, but in an increasingly homogenized world people
>cherish their ethnic background. I think that indian culture will not
>die out, though it will get mainstreamed somewhat.

Unfortunately acceptance is, in the long run, more dangerous to the
Indigenous Peoples culture than fighting. Acceptance and assimilation
of Jews and Jewish culture in the U.S. has had a dramatically
devastating affect.