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7 Aug 1996 15:33:18 -0600

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Joel and Lynn Gazis-Sax <> wrote:
>Bryant wrote:
>> In article <4u518a$>,I know Bryant will whine because
>> once again I come to the defense of Eric

More likely, I'll complain that you're mis-attributing this post to me.
I never saw the last line in this quote before now, and so clearly didn't
include it in a post of mine.

Further, I never saw you come out the first time "to the defense" of
Eric. Not sure who Eric is, actually.

>God's Gift to Anthropology writes:
>> My "issue"? I asked a question. Thread back a tad. I asked if only
>> "squatters" who have white, black, or yellow skin should be kicked off
>> native lands, or if late-comers like the Athabaskans should be asked to
>> leave Pueblo lands as well (for example).
>> Bryant
>Now this is so aptly phrased. One is tempted to ask in reply if the
>poster is still eating aborted fetuses. The point that this so-called
>anthropologist cannot understand is that the offensiveness of a term
Who said I'm an anthropologist?! Can you guys perhaps attack the
content of my posts instead of using all these straw-man characterizations?

>He's gotten on my case for rhetorical games in the past. Who is he
>to talk when his sole response to an objection is a patently
>aggressive question like this one? Why does he wonder at the hostility
>he receives?

What was "patently aggressive" about my post? The smilies?