Joel makes an ass of himself (Was: Re: Amerind an offensive term)

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7 Aug 1996 15:39:30 -0600

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Joel and Lynn Gazis-Sax <> wrote:

>God's Gift to Anthropology writes [Bryant said]:
>> My "issue"? I asked a question. Thread back a tad. I asked if only
>> "squatters" who have white, black, or yellow skin should be kicked off
>> native lands, or if late-comers like the Athabaskans should be asked to
>> leave Pueblo lands as well (for example).
>The point that this so-called
>anthropologist cannot understand is that the offensiveness of a term
>is a matter for the recipient to decide. You are allowed one mistake
>in polite circles, but after you are informed it is offensive, you
>have no further excuse.

This is not even remotely related to the issue of whether white Americans
are "squatting" or not. Unless you mean that my acceptance of the
previous poster's use of that term is offensive to Euro-Americans.

Besides, I was just poking fun at a bit of emotional illogic (thread back
and see). To answer your question, BTW, I do not eat aborted feti.

>He's gotten on my case for rhetorical games in the past.
>Who is he to talk when his sole response to an objection is a patently
>aggressive question like this one?

I am dying to know: *What* "patently aggressive" question, Joel? Do tell.
Jesus, but your reactions can baffle.

>Joel GAzis-SAx