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Gerold Firl (
7 Aug 1996 00:25:32 GMT

Sheesh. Nothing like a tawdry flamefest for wasting time ...

In article <>, (Len Piotrowski) writes:

|> In article <4u8a4g$> (Gerold Firl) writes:

|> >Ah, lenny, pithy as ever. You're so full of pith that I can't find the
|> >fruit; your contribution consists of an insult and a sarcastic
|> >throwaway: "vision of the future with an ethnocentric guarantee". Is
|> >that supposed to mean something?

|> ...of or related to a wonky bigot. Semantic impairment, Firl?

Must be. either that or your sophisticated semantic structure and
rarefied vocabulary momentarily dazzled me. I think I understand where
you're coming from now - can you explain just what kind of bigot I am?
What does the word "bigot" mean to you?

|> >As I've suggested to you before, if all you have to offer are trivial
|> >and meaningless insults, you can use email and spare usenet the bandwidth.

|> Hardly trivial or meaningless or insulting - unless you're a skinhead or a
|> bonehead. At any rate, turn around and take a look at your own bandwidth,
|> sprout.

"Sprout"? - that's cute.

To me, there is a difference between using a worldwide newsgroup to
disseminate simple insults, as you are doing, versus presenting ideas,
albeit controversial ones, as I am doing. Your insults can be heard on
any playground; one hardly needs to log on to the net to treat oneself
to that. Some of my thoughts appear to get people upset, but maybe you
should just try thinking about them a little rather than immediately
putting your foot in your mouth and banging your forehead on the

|> >On the other hand, if you can show how anything I've written can be
|> >construed as cultural/racial "proselytizing", I'd like to see it.

|> Pick any line from your last two posts to this thread, if your interested. I'm
|> not.

I see. You're interested in airing your vapid spleen, for all the world
to see, complaining about some perceived slight, but when asked to
explain just exactly what it is that gets you so upset you suddenly
lose interest. Could it be that your only interest is in the act of
complaining? In proclaiming your heartfelt humanity, the depth and
breadth of your compassion, the sense of exquisite moral outrage you
feel at the plight of the downtrodden? You must be a truely wonderful
person, lenny old boy, a marvelously sensitive man, to get your shorts
in a twist about ... whatever it is that you're so upset about. Pat
yourself on the back.

|> >But
|> >remember, you must include the text you are responding to. No
|> >paraphrasing.

|> Oh ya', sure, I promise to remember...uh, what was that other place you
|> said we were gonna' be delivered to, Firl? Somethin' about a better future,
|> full of hope and pride, where past wounds are healed by your vision for our
|> future?

By *my* vision for *your* future? You're confused again, lenny. I asked
stephen russel about *his* vision. We've heard plenty about the crimes
of the past, and the oppression of the present, and all the wrongs that
have gone before - important information, to be sure, but I'd like to
get some balance by hearing about where we should be heading, as
opposed to what went wrong before. I want to understand the past, not
just for the sake of intellectual curiosity, but also to craft a
strategy for avoiding the repetition of previous mistakes. You're a
broken record, lenny. You just keep scratching that same old itch. You
sure you can't do better than that?

|> Great stuff, spunky! Sure to stir the indian masses trapped by their
|> "cultural innoculation created by the reservation culture" leading to a
|> "hysterical pathology" "to prevent dissolution." Not!

"Not!" That is the summary of your argument, isn't it?

Don't you understand that *if* reservation culture acts to prevent
"defection" to mainstream american culture (and in my original post I
expressed this as a conditional) by inculcating an exagerated
adversarial relationship, that this will poison indian culture worse
than television? Is this getting through to you at all?

I'm not trying to hurt you, lenny. Calm down now, take it easy ... try
to think, lenny. Try it - you might like it. It might even do you some

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