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>Blacks are proven to have more testosterone than whites. (Orientals
>are between.)

Could you provide citations for this, please?

>chimpanzee males and females respectively. I think the increase in
>testosterone is the driving force of human evolution.

Do you mean to say that androgen production varies adaptively across
species, reflecting different selection regimes? Or literally, that
testosterone is the main selective pressure in human evolution?

Are you aware that testosterone is immunosuppressive?

>My principle hypothesis is that all genes rely on the hormone, DHEA,
>for optimum transcription and replication. Testosterone manipulates
>the distribution of DHEA. That is, testosterone increases the use of
>DHEA for the DNA of "testosterone target tissues." Males produce more
>testosterone, therefore the testosterone tissues are larger in males
>than females. This is why men are larger and stronger than women;
>this is why there are separate competitions for men and women in the
>Olympics. In this area, increased testosterone should give an
>advantage in athletics. Blacks dominate the games and athletics.
>This is a racial advantage.

Are you suggesting that transcriptional errors are more common during
chimp development? Do you have any evidence at all for such a sweeping