Re: Amerindian resistance mode (was: amerindian an offensive

Len Piotrowski (
Tue, 6 Aug 1996 21:14:37 GMT

In article <4u8a4g$> (Gerold Firl) writes:


>Ah, lenny, pithy as ever. You're so full of pith that I can't find the
>fruit; your contribution consists of an insult and a sarcastic
>throwaway: "vision of the future with an ethnocentric guarantee". Is
>that supposed to mean something?

...of or related to a wonky bigot. Semantic impairment, Firl?

>As I've suggested to you before, if all you have to offer are trivial
>and meaningless insults, you can use email and spare usenet the bandwidth.

Hardly trivial or meaningless or insulting - unless you're a skinhead or a
bonehead. At any rate, turn around and take a look at your own bandwidth,

>On the other hand, if you can show how anything I've written can be
>construed as cultural/racial "proselytizing", I'd like to see it.

Pick any line from your last two posts to this thread, if your interested. I'm

>remember, you must include the text you are responding to. No

Oh ya', sure, I promise to remember...uh, what was that other place you
said we were gonna' be delivered to, Firl? Somethin' about a better future,
full of hope and pride, where past wounds are healed by your vision for our
future? Great stuff, spunky! Sure to stir the indian masses trapped by their
"cultural innoculation created by the reservation culture" leading to a
"hysterical pathology" "to prevent dissolution." Not!



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