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4 Aug 1996 19:19:13 GMT

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>: My friend (does not have email access) is looking for any information
>: regarding the earliest evidence of fire by the hominid.
>As I've mentioned before, Lee Talbot argues on ecological grounds for
>about 3 MYr BP. He points out that almost all brushfires in East Africa
>are started by man, and that the open savannah in East Africa is only kept
>open by burning. Hence evidence for extensive open savannah (3 MYr BP in
>East Africa) is evidence for burning and so for human use of fire. Of
>course, he's an ecologist, so what does he know?

Except, perhaps, for the open fires started by lightning?

(Although I lived in the Serengeti Park for two years and, at least
around *us*, no lightning started fires. But that doesn't mean that it
didn't some time in the past 3 MY.)


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