Earliest evidence of fire question

Tom Zaranek (target@mail.orbonline.net)
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 22:02:04 -0400

My friend (does not have email access) is looking for any information
regarding the earliest evidence of fire by the hominid.
Of particular interst are methods with which the time estimates were
done and locations of these sites. Is there anyone out there that
knows of any interesting sources which I could check out in order
to get the above information or knows something about the below

1. Menez-Dregan (France)
2. Chesowania (Kenya)
3. Verfesszolos (Hungary)
4. Zhoukoudian (China)
5. Swartkraus

About #1, Monnier Jean-Laurent might have published something recently
but I could not locate anything by the person. Did anyone see
something written by him?

Any information would be greately appreciated. It is for a research
paper for a course and it seems that many books are not up-to-date.
Internet might be a way to go.