Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

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3 Aug 1996 16:36:55 GMT

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: >>>As the argument goes (and I'm inclined to agree with it myself), all
: >>>interpretation of "fact" comes from some sort of political and/or social
: >>>perspective, or agenda.
: Please explain (or "deconstruct" or whatever) how each of the following are
: expressions of political or social bias:
: 1. E=mc^2
A cultural bias which sees energy as transcendant to matter, instead
of M=E/c^2

: 2. Newton's second law
: 3. the identification by Francis and Crick of the structure of DNA
: 4. the identification of medicinal alkaloids in plant tissues
: 5. Cell theory
None of the above are inturpreted, but instead list a field of discovery and
ask for the bias- fortunately for science any major biases tend to get
filtered out in the long run by people holding different views who see the
errors that the first scientist missed... however almost any law you care to
state will have *minor* cultural biases included in it's structure, and some
discoveries are only evident to those whose cultural background already
includes a similar pattern (for example "survival of the fittest" with "those
things that are of man will fae/those things that are of God endure"- not the
same statement, but having a close approximation helps in recognizing the
value in what you are looking at.