Re: Profanity versus Professionalism

Robert Roosen (
Wed, 30 Aug 1995 00:38:34 GMT

The Internet grew in part out of the ARPANET. The idea was for the
survivors of a large war to be able to communicate with each other
when contact with headquarters had been cut off.
Personally, I have not heard anything useful out of headquarters
for almost two decades, now. There are still a few who think
headquarters will save them. They are desperately calling for
help. The noise level will subside as more .gov, .org and .com
sites go off line. Then us .COMmies will be able to carry on our
legitimate communications and continue creating the post Cold War
society that is essential for everyone's survival.
Poland is leading the way in this enterprise. The old government
supported dinosaurs are just about extinct and the new
entrepreneurs are producing a thriving economy. The zloty is the
first Eastern European currency to be traded legitimately against
the dollar, mark, yen, etc.
Time for the US folks to get with it.

CDBusiness ( wrote:
: This thread began as a request for civility in postings, and cited the old
: homily, "It's a poor workman who curses his tools." I'm in agreement with
: those sentiments, but from the standpoint of studying human nature, the
: internet is even better than observing drivers in heavy traffic or
: families at a public campground. With all social constraints off, and
: greater or lesser anonimity, the true personality emerges. How often it
: proves childish, oversensitive and aggressive! Prospective marriage
: partners should be required to furnish copies of all their internet
: postings. They might well reveal that the charming soulmate is really a
: marginally functional neurotic with a borderline schizophrenic
: personality.