Re: Profanity versus Professionalism

30 Aug 1995 04:15:06 GMT

>CDBusiness ( wrote:
>: This thread began as a request for civility in postings, and cited the old
>: homily, "It's a poor workman who curses his tools." I'm in agreement with
>: those sentiments, but from the standpoint of studying human nature, the
>: internet is even better than observing drivers in heavy traffic or
>: families at a public campground. With all social constraints off,
>: greater or lesser anonimity, the true personality emerges. How
often it
>: proves childish, oversensitive and aggressive! Prospective marriage
>: partners should be required to furnish copies of all their internet
>: postings. They might well reveal that the charming soulmate is
really a
>: marginally functional neurotic with a borderline schizophrenic
>: personality.

Whaddya mean? Whaddya really mean? I posted Roosen's Credentials and
Lydick Doesn't Need Our Help. Since then, many have said that I am
very sick. I only write this stuff on the Net, not to my database

You mean, this is my true personality? Hoooo, boy....

Wayne Johnson

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it." ....Yogi Berra