Dream Studies

Frank Cioppa (fcioppa@ccs.carleton.ca)
Sat, 26 Aug 1995 17:25:45 GMT

I am involved in dream research and am interested in
interdisciplinary approaches and comparative methodology.

How would an anthropologist approach dream studies (sleeping
dreams)? What kind of questions would you ask? What would you expect
to find out from such studies? What methodologies would be used? I
am interested in what a SPECIFICALLY ANTHROPOLOGICAL approach to
dreams would involve.

If you can suggest any bibliography or literature on the
subject, I would appreciate it. Since I do not check the
sci.anthropology group on a regular basis, please reply by email
(address below) rather than by posting.

Thank you in advance,


Frank Cioppa
Carleton University, Department of Psychology
Email address: fcioppa@ccs.carleton.ca