Re: Carl Lydick needs lots more than our help

C.V. Kimbrell (
Sat, 26 Aug 1995 21:21:28 -1000

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JOHNSON) wrote:

> Thought I'd let you all know about my interesting experience.
> I was coming back from getting my weekly dose of taquitos in downtown
> L.A. when I decided to take the 210 out from Pasadena. There was
> CalTech! I dropped off the freeway and got directions to the computer
> center.
> "Here to see Carl! Friend of his! Just tell him old CIACON is here to
> see him," I announced, bluffing like hell to a secretary. "He does VAX
> for you guys," I added. She gave me a blank look.

rotfl. classic.

"To commit the perfect crime, you don't have to be intelligent,
just in charge of the investigation that follows."