Sat, 26 Aug 1995 13:57:17 UNDEFINED

>Here is the crux of your problem. Not everyone who is black is also
>African-American. I have friends from Jamaica who detest the term
>African-American. There are also black Italians (are you surprised!)
>who have an Italian heritage, and not an African one. What about Haitians?
>On the flip side, there are Africans (South Africans specifically) who
>are white. Are they African Americans as well?

Excuse me, but I am highly offended by your use of the term "white." Please
use the more pleasing and self-esteem building term "European (fill in
country individual being referred to lives)" or we will find out where you
work and force a bit of cultural sesitivity training for you and the pigs who
think like you. " White?" How rude!! South Africans with a relative
deficiency in pigmentation should be referred to as "European South Africans."
No wait, that's longer than European Americans!" I feel so, so,
well, inadequate!