Re: Geez, you liberals are STUPID!

Richard Marquez (
Sat, 26 Aug 1995 08:06:09 GMT

Les Griswold (bn946@FreeNet.Carleton.CA) wrote:
: Richard Marquez ( writes:
: >
: > OK, sounds simple enough. So a person in 500 B.C. would easily know
: > if he or she were white by your standards.

: Exactly.

Got it.

: > They would ask "am I in Northern Europe?" If they were, they were white.
: > (What was the demarcation line for "Northern" Europe?)

: Ah, Richie, Richie, Richie...

: You were doing so well up to this point. Looks like the concept of time
: is a little too much for you. But, like a true mindless puppet liberal,
: you've fallen into this trap of "Northern Europe NOW is the same as
: Northern Europe ALWAYS WAS!"

Ummm, no, I was asking "What WAS the demarcation line?" I wasn't
asking "What is NOW the demarcation line".

If you were a person in Europe in 500 B.C., where in Europe would
you have to be to be considered in "Northern Europe"? The 'top
half'? North of a certain mountain range? North of a certain
river? Where?

: > So how does someone of TODAY know if they're "white"? How do you
: > or Hate, or Teri know you're "white"?

: How do you know we're not?

Sorry, Les, I don't really care if you're 'white' or not. YOU on the
other hand seem to put great importance on your 'whiteness'. So I'm
assuming that determining your 'whiteness factor' is of much more
importance to you than it is to me. All I'm interested in is what
methods do you use to tell if someone is 'white'.

- Grego