dannie hawkins (71726.3204@CompuServe.COM)
26 Aug 1995 07:26:48 GMT

>From: Aryan Crusader <cn247@FreeNet.Carleton.CA>
>Organization: Greater White Amerikkka

>If all you care about is physical strength, go run around with apes.

I assume you assumed that "and tougher children" meant brute strength, which of
course it does not, and You Should Not have assumed such. I have known a few
women who I would call "tough," but they certainly were not brutes. As for your
"apes" comment, it was totally uncalled for, from someone Who Should Have Known
Better. Since you are "into" religion, your philosophy will never blind with
mine, other than on the racial instincts. Due to our philosophical differences,
the cause of our Kind Would be better served if we (for now) did not have *post
contact. I will not involve myself with your postings because this problem
(Pagan/christian) will only grow larger, as you probably are already aware of.
Certain individual christians can NOT avoid pissing racial Pagans off, which of
course pleases the hell out of the anti-specieist.

_Earth Abides_