dannie hawkins (71726.3204@CompuServe.COM)
25 Aug 1995 19:56:46 GMT

>>Wolfgang Wuster ( on subject of Survival of Fittest, Said:
>>If future survival is inversely correlated with education, literacy and
>>intelligence, then it looks like your genes will do rather well in the coming
>>apocalypse. bad news for future generations, I guess.

Poor wolfie. He is biologically unable to understand that education and literacy
has Zero-Naught-Nothing, to do with intelligence. Not once have I stated that
education and literacy were Bad or unnecessary. For him to suggest otherwise,
gives a Big clue of his level of comprehension. However, only a Fool would
believe e* and l* to be Necessary in all circumstances of life, and not at all
when confronted Only with the problem of *immediate survival in a chaotic social
climate that Will exist in most heavily populated areas of the u.s., IF the
individual "suffered" short-comings of NIP, in which case, he chances of long-
term survival would be greatly reduced. Most would die quickly. It is (almost)
incomprehensible to me that so many *seemingly* intelligent people are in
universities. On second thought, one has to expect adverse responses to come
from the low NIP group. The NIP argument places educated, but low level NIPers,
in a position similar to where the Negro finds himself upon hearing the IQ
"stuff," much like the "sinner" who goes to church and *feels* the preacher is
talking about him, only in That case, he is unable to state his position on said
sins. People with low level NIP should not feel inferior, but should try to
understand and accept their impediment. No one will ordinarily know who has
LLNIP as long as [they] do not openly voice their opinions on subjects outside
their particular field of study or expertise, which may be science OR carpentry.
The people usually expose their short-comings by playing grammer teacher, or, by
playing with words drawn from their deep *wordpool, and by telling someone to
get "their damn shit" off so and so. The reason behind most of the attacks on
these post is; the attackers are *anti-specieist* (anti-racist). This is a very
common trait of ALL low level NIPers. It's to be expected. This is a very good
and proper *education on True human Nature, and how that Nature will surface
under certain conditions, thus enlightening persons of a different Nature as to
[what] his potential enemy Really has between the ears.

_Earth Abides_