Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique)

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Fri, 25 Aug 1995 21:54:00 GMT

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> >This is getting silly. I am in England, here the week starts on
> >Monday -- at least according to the calendars I have and the way people
> >talk. (Any chance this is a religious thing and the devout Christians
> >among us see Sunday as the first day for religious reasons?)
> >And then of course, there's the 'weekend' -- Sat and Sun.
> That's interesting. I live in England and always have done, but when I was at
> primary school we were always taught that Sunday was the first day of the week.
> The same thing was true at university where the weeks in the term were numbered
> 1 to 8 with the week beginning on Sunday.

And I can show you university and school diaries with the week beginning on Monday.

> I assume it is religious since Saturday (Sabato/Savatto in other languages) is
> the "seventh day" in the story of the creation and hence the Jewish Sabbath.
> The special nature of Sunday for Christians derives from its being the day of
> the resurrection - perhaps the opposite of the day of rest.
> With all these interesting facts pertaining to religions it almost seems a shame
> to not believe a word of them.

Who doesn't believe them? It's just that they may only be relevant to religious
people. If seems to that for some people the week begins on Sunday, for others
on Monday, and both can be correct in their contexts (it also seems that the
ISO standard says Monday is the first day, so perhaps there is a slow movement
from Sunday to Monday).

Doug Weller