Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique)

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25 Aug 1995 20:45:10 GMT

Robert A. Uhl ( wrote:
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: Bob Haley <> wrote:
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: >Both authors are correct. In addition, some of the practices of
: >the Roman Catholic Church are derived from Pagan rituals. This
: >was done in order to get pagans into the church. The papcy
: >endorsed this.

: Well, that's not quite true. Neither the Orthodox nor the Catholic
: church has pagan practices, but both placed certain feasts (Christmas,
: All Saint's Day (in the West)) on or near pagan feast days in order to
: get the peasants into the church and not out dancing naked and
: involving themselves in drunken orgies.

Look into such things as the Christmas tree and the Ylue log and
ask yourself where they came from.

Aaron (The Druids, IIRC)

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