Re: Adolf Hitler - Racist?

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26 Aug 1995 02:34:45 GMT

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:>> "Gord McFee" writes:
:>>> Hello? I have not seen too many examples of Jews pushing race mixing, but
:>>> perhaps you have some sources for this.
:>>You're joking of course. How about the Boas school of "cultural anthropology"
:>>which was virtually all Jewish; how about the NAACP which was at one time
:>Well, Al, I crossposted your message to sci.anthropology and got the
:>following response. You've claimed that the "Boas school" was "Jewish"
:>and promoted "race-mixing," yet here we have an anthropologist who
:>disagrees. Is he a liar or a Jew, Al? Or perhaps you'd like his
:>photograph and a notarized copy of his diploma? Or would care to admit
:>that you don't have a clue what you're talking about with your Jew
:>this and Jew that?
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:> (John Morris) wrote:
:>>Sorry for the crosspost folks, but I thought the opinion of an
:>>anthropologist might be of use here.
:>>Did the Franz Boas or his "school" ever promote "race-mixing"?
:>No, because Boas and his "school", that is, most of cultural
:>anthropology today have given up on the concept of race altogether. We
:>do not know what a race is, where one begins, where it ends, in either
:>time or space.
:>In the same post, someone said (tracing the who said whats
:>in that is next to impossible...
:>[It's Al!]
:>>>How about the Boas school of "cultural anthropology"
:>>>which was virtually all Jewish;
:>Nope, sorry. German maybe (Kroeber and Lowie,) but not Jewish.
:>Margaret Mead? Ruth Benedict? Edward Sapir? Ralph Linton?
:>tk [Thomas Kavanagh]
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John, for those of us who are not anthropologists, I assume this means Al is
full of shit? :-)

Gord McFee
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